Application Case Studies

Some examples of Prosig systems in the real world

Steering Pump Noise

One of the most problematic noises to reduce to an acceptable level in a vehicle is that of the power steering pump. New technologies and techniques are being developed to speed-up and ease the refining process.

Understanding Brake Squeal

The customer measures noise, vibration, pressures & temperatures using a Prosig P8020 during road tests. Brake squeal events are automatically captured and analysed using the DATS software.

Helmet Compliance

A weight is dropped on to a motor cycle helmet mounted on a dummy head. The acceleration of the weight and helmet is measured. The DATS Human Response software is used to check if the helmet meets the necessary standards.

Steering Hiss Noise

A Prosig customer had an issue with excessive steering “hiss”. This is a difficult phenomonen to measure consistently in-car. A need was identified for a standard test that was easy to use, repeatable and standardised for rig & vehicle.


In the race to improve battery technology, a leading research organisation chose Prosig as we met the challenges of measuring a large number of high voltages, temperatures over long periods and the ability indicate alarm conditions.

Brake Runout & DTV

Brake disc runout and DTV are important measurements of brake performance and wear. The customer needs to perform accurate measurements across a range of vehicles and the tests both on and off the vehicle needed to be quick to perform.

Measuring for Success

While contesting the UK Formula Ford 1600cc championship, the Prosig sponsored Dalmeny Racing Formula Ford Team suffered a minor structural failure on an exhaust mount. Prosig dispatched an engineer who made an outline assessment

Steering Pump Moan

An automotive manufacturer were experiencing excessive moan from their power steering pumps. They needed to quickly identify faulty pumps and work on a solution with their supplier. Using their Prosig systems, they designed a custom test to speed-up objective testing.

Seat Vibration Testing

A Prosig P8000 system is used to measure vibrations at defined points on seats designed for commercial / agricultural vehicles. They are tested on a 3-axis shaker. The DATS Human Response software is used to check that the seat complies with the standard.

Whole Vehicle Testing

Prosig was chosen by a major US automobile manufacturer to develop an end-of-production-line testing tool to ensure that noise & vibration levels were within design limits. This measures quality and mitigates against future customer complaints and warranty claims.

Tools for vibration & acoustic measurement



DATS software


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