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The DATS hardware comes with a range of accessories that extend the capabilities of the systems. These include add-ons for wireless control, a digital control unit and rugged cases to protect your hardware.


DATS-tetrad WiFi
DATS-tetrad's WiFi interface enables wireless connection of a tablet, laptop, or PC to a DATS-tetrad system. It uses a secure connection to protect your data while allowing remote access for test setup changes and monitoring your tests. Retrieval of wireless data to your device enables further analysis with the DATS capture and analysis software.
Rugged & Reliable Mobile Noise & Vibration Measurement System - DATS-tetrad
DATS-tetrad Exocase
The DATS-tetrad ExoCase ensures the highest levels of protection for the system during transportation and field use. The bespoke design allows you to operate the system while in the case and provides ample storage for all of your accessories. Having everything in a single, easily-accessible place significantly reduces setup time and prevents damage or loss of accessories.
When combined with real-time processing capabilities of DATS, the DATS-dcu provides a powerful and sleek solution to combine complex digital signal processing with simple TTL logic control of third party systems. This allows users to make instantaneous decisions based on live data while following predefined test requirements.

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Software Add-on
NVH / Refinement
Use the sophisticated algorithms and powerful analysis capabilities of DATS to refine anything from an fuel pump to an aircraft
Software Add-on
Rotating Machinery
Contains a set of tools for analyzing the sources of vibration &noise caused by cyclic forces such as those found in motors, shafts and gearboxes
Software Add-on
Modal Analysis
Across industries, structural response measurements are an essential requirement for engineers working on noise & vibration problems