Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement

Ultra-portable, mobile and laboratory based acoustic test & vibration measurement systems


Hardware & Software for acoustic & vibration mesurement

Prosig’s DATS noise & vibration measurement systems are compact, rugged & extremely accurate. The tough casing and low power requirements make them ideal for mobile, in-vehicle or laboratory data acquisition. Systems start at 4-channelsand  can be stacked to expand to over 1000 channels. 

The DATS software includes the world leading worksheet visual programming tools, data capture utilities, report generation and a huge range of analysis algorithms.

DATS includes tools for a wide range of mobile & lab based testing scenarios…

  • automotive tests
  • structural testing
  • vehicle refinement
  • rotating machinery analysis
  • modal analysis
  • end-of-line testing
  • NVH testing
  • vibration testing
  • time domain analysis
  • vibration measurement hammer impact testing
  • acoustic testing
  • human response to vibration
  • component analysis
  • ODS studies
  • digital filtering
  • resonance testing
  • structural animation

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As one customer put it "I can thoroughly recommend the Prosig equipment as being reliable and trustworthy" or as another said, Prosig systems are "supremely reliable and just do not fail"


With 24-bit precision, state-of-the-art signal conditioning, proven architecture and proprietary Prosync synchronisation your noise & vibration measurement is guaranteed to be precise & repeatable every time.


From the large range of measurement options on the hardware to the many hundreds of analysis functions, a DATS systems offers the ultimate in flexibility. A genuine multi-purpose tool for every occasion.


The DATS-solo is a pocket-sized, ultra portable, high quality, 24-bit data acquisition system. It is compact, rugged and has 4 inputs selectable as IEPE, voltage or tachometer inputs. The fully integrated DATS software provides options for sound & vibration tests, rotating machinery analysis, NVH studies, hammer impact analysis, resonance testing and modal analysis.


The DATS-tetrad is a rugged, portable data acquisition system that supports up to 32 high speed analog inputs. Sensor options are include microphones, accelerometers, strain gauges, thermocouples, load/pressure/force sensors, tachometers, rotary encoders, digital I/O and CAN-bus. The unit can be powered from mains, vehicle or its internal battery power. The Tetrad provides the versatility of a standalone front end or can be distributed for up to 1000 channels.


The DATS-hyper12 is the high channel count member of the Prosig DATS data acquisition system family. It is ideal for large scale acoustic & vibration measurement tasks. The unit is available in portable or rack-mount form and a single system can support 96 high speed analogue inputs. Units can be stacked to expand the system to over 1000 channels. Input options include high speed analog (for microphones & accelerometers), thermocouple, strain gauge, precision tachometer measurement, digital I/O, CAN-bus, GPS and analog output.

DATS Software

DATS is a comprehensive package of data capture, signal processing and reporting tools. It has some focused tools for sound and vibration measurement & analysis, but is used for a wide range of engineering and general signal processing tasks. A core package provides basic functionality and many analysis tools. A number of optional packs and add-ons address particular types of measurement and analysis. DATS has been continuously refined and updated by signal processing experts for over 40 years.


The DATS-CANetic is a set of integrated software tools in DATS and a small, rugged, CAN-bus logger from Kvaser,. It is ideal for applications requiring quick access to vehicle bus data. The easy to use software and dedicated CAN-bus hardware allows the user to start logging in minutes. No complex setup, file management or pinout interpretation is required. Recorded data is automatically synchronised and integrated with the Prosig data acquisition systems, and can be viewed in real time via the DATS-Acquisition software.


The P8012 supports up to 24 high speed analog inputs plus two tachos. P8012's can be used alone or connected with Tetrad, Hyper12 or other P8012s to create flexible channel configurations. The same input options available for the DATS-tetrad can be configured in a P8012. If you need high precision measurement but don't need the advanced features of the DATS-tetrad (internal storage, batteries etc) then the DATS-P8012 is an ideal entry-level system that can upgraded later.


Impact testing, also known as bump testing, tap testing, or hammer resonance testing, involves the use of an instrumented force hammer to excite a structure in order to measure the response with an accelerometer. The DATS-HITS (Hammer Impact Testing System) solution is straightforward to use, fast, reliable and accurate. The HITS system includes a 4-channel DATS-solo data capture system, the DATS Hammer Impact software and, optionally, an instrumented hammer and/or accelerometers.

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