Applications – Aerospace


Application Case Studies

Some examples of Prosig systems in the real world

Flight Test

Prosig used their DATS software and P8000 hardware platform to develop a flight test suite that covers standard vibration and acoustic analysis as well as specific analyses for modal flutter analysis and stability analysis.

Transonic Wind Tunnel

The customer operates a transonic windtunnel that provides a design verification service to the aero industry. Prosig data acquisition equipment and software is used for test measurement and post processing.

Space – Satellite Testing

The NSTF is a new facility in the UK for the environmental testing of satellites and large sub-assemblies. A key component of the test facilities is a high-speed multi-channel Dynamic Test Data Acquisition System.

It Is Rocket Science

The digital control lines from rocket motors are used to control a Prosig P8048, which measures vibration and pressure signals. The system has a digital control module and custom acquisition software for rocket test sequence measurement.

Space – Launch Vehicle Tests

The Acoustic Test Facility at CSIR, NAL in Bangalore uses a Prosig DATS system to measure vibration and strain during tests. The facility simulates, the sound pressure field experienced during lift off and atmospheric flight.

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