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DATS Modal Analysis - Unmatched Accuracy and Efficiency

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DATS-Modal Analysis: Achieve Unmatched Accuracy and Efficiency with DATS Software Suite

Unlock the future of structural analysis with our streamlined DATS software suite. From precise measurements in Hammer Impact Analysis to insightful visualizations in Structural Animation, our integrated tools offer unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Elevate your engineering capabilities and navigate complex challenges effortlessly—experience the next level in smart, reliable analysis today.

Key Benefits

Accuracy Verification

The Modal Analysis Suite includes a synthesis module that can regenerate Frequency Response Functions (FRF). This feature enables you to validate the accuracy of your modal models, thereby increasing the reliability of your analysis.

Enhanced Visualistion

The DATS Structural Animation package enables visualization and animation of mode shapes. This brings a new level of understanding to your analysis, making it easier to interpret and communicate your findings.

Predictive Capabilities

The Modal Analysis software not only analyzes but also predicts forced responses. By convoluting the regenerated FRFs with known or simulated force inputs, you can forecast how the structure will respond to specific conditions.

Streamlined User Experience

The DATS Hammer Impact Analysis Software offers an intuitive interface and step-by-step guides, making it easy for engineers to carry out complex structural response measurements. This streamlined user experience saves time and minimizes the learning curve.


Guided Measurement Workflow

The DATS Hammer Software comes with a built-in workflow that guides you through the measurement process, ensuring you don't miss any crucial steps.

Multiple Data Input Options

The Modal Analysis Suite accepts a variety of data types such as frequency response functions, impulse response functions, and response-only data, providing flexibility in your analytical approach.

Real-time Animation Playback

In the Structural Animation package, you can play back animated mode shapes in real-time, aiding in immediate interpretation and decision-making.

3D Model Editor

The Structural Animation Software includes an integrated 3D editor, allowing you to create or adjust your models directly within the software environment.

Forced Response Forecasting

The Modal Analysis Suite includes a convolution feature, enabling the calculation of forced responses based on regenerated Frequency Response Functions and specific force inputs.

Extensive File Support

The Structural Animation Software allows for the easy import of existing models from various formats, including NASTRAN, CSV, and Universal files, ensuring seamless data integration.

Analysis Software

Hammer Impact

Prosig’s Hammer Impact Test software is not only the most simple to use and understand, but it’s 100% reliable giving perfect results every time.

The complex mathematics of windowing, transfer function type, frequency range is all taken care of. What’s more, the automated peaking picking algorithm will find the modes automatically for you.

Need to export test results to Word or Excel for FEA validation? No problem. It’s all included.


Modal Analysis

Empower your analysis with the DATS Modal Analysis Suite, designed for professionals focused on identifying Modal Frequencies, Damping Factors, and Modal Amplitudes. 

Advanced Identification Methods

Leverage cutting-edge identification methods like Half-Power, SDOF, MSDOF, MDOF, and ERA-DC for thorough modal mapping.

Visual and Synthesis Capabilities

The synthesis module allows you to regenerate Frequency Response Functions (FRF) based on the identified parameters, offering insights into the accuracy of your modal model fitting. It even predicts forced responses through convolution of regenerated FRFs with simulated or known force inputs.

Structural Animation

Visualize Vibrations: How, When, Where

Explore your structural vibration patterns in an insightful way, using either frequency or time-based data.

Frequency or Time Animation 

Utilize the power of FFTs,  FRFs or cross-spectra at each measurement position to dissect motion at varying frequencies. Implement time-based data to display the true position at each measurement point over a sequence of time steps.

Seamless 3D Modeling

Craft or modify your 3D models with the fully-featured editor integrated into the Structural Animation software or import existing models from NASTRAN, CSV, or Universal files.

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