CAN bus Logger for DATS

DATS-CANetic - CAN bus Logger for DATS

The DATS-CANetic combines sully integrated software and a rugged, palm-sized, CAN-bus logger from Kvaser. It is ideal for applications requiring quick access to vehicle bus data. The dedicated logger configuration software and optimised hardware and cable design allows the user to start logging in minutes. No complex setup, file management or pinout interpretation is required.

Key Benefits

Easy setup

Rapid re-configuring for different tests and applications allows the system to be easily changed from one test to the next.

Flexible, integrated software

The DATS software integrates with all of the hardware options and blends ease of use for beginners with power for experienced users

Simple channel configuration

Prosig's CAN configurator is simple and easy to use. Realtime displays make setup straightforward.

Kvaser has 40 years of leadership in embedded control, including CAN and related buses. Their open ecosystem approach allows for cooperation with top software providers, ensuring high-performance solutions with the freedom to choose. Kvaser’s commitment to quality and ergonomics is evident in their products designed for real-world applications. Through the DATS-CANetic products, Prosig users can benefit from Kvaser’s expertise in CAN and embedded control with high-quality, user-friendly solutions.

High speed, synchronised CAN bus Logging

Flexible CAN bus Logging

The DATS-CANetic reads CAN2.0A, CAN-2.0B. CAN-FD as well supporting SAE J1979 OBD-II PIDs

Realtime Displays

Connects via USB and integrates CN bus data displays with other measurement data from your DATS system

Prosync synchronisation

Even when systems are connected for high channel counts, Prosync means that every sample on every channel is accurately synchronised.

Fully Integrated DATS Capture & Analysis Software

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