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Prosig is a premier global provider specializing in noise & vibration measurement hardware and software products. Catering to diverse sectors such as automotive, aerospace, defence, energy, and rail, our offerings span from advanced data acquisition systems and signal analysis software to structural testing equipment and sensors. With over 50 years in the industry, our dedicated team ensures cutting-edge, reliable solutions tailored to customer needs. Beyond our product line, we provide comprehensive engineering services— from rental and testing to detailed noise and vibration analysis. Choose Prosig for unmatched quality, dependability, and dedicated customer service in noise and vibration solutions.

Why Choose Prosig for Noise & Vibration Measurement?

Specialized Expertise & Knowledge

With over 50 years in the industry, Prosig offers unparalleled knowledge and experience in noise & vibration measurement, ensuring cutting-edge and reliable solutions tailored to customer needs.

Comprehensive Solution

Prosig's wide range of advanced products—from data acquisition systems and signal analysis software to structural testing equipment and sensors—caters to diverse sectors, making it a one-stop solution for all noise and vibration challenges.

Dedicated Customer Service

Prosig's unwavering commitment to quality, dependability, and customer support stands as a testament to their reputation as the go-to choice for noise and vibration solutions.

The DATS Noise & Vibration Measurement Products

Portable Noise & Vibration Measurement System - DATS-solo
Ultra Portable
The DATS-solo is a pocket-sized, ultra portable, high quality, 24-bit data acquisition system. It is compact, rugged and has 4 inputs selectable as IEPE, voltage or tachometer inputs. The fully integrated DATS software provides options for sound & vibration tests, rotating machinery analysis, NVH studies, hammer impact analysis, resonance testing and modal analysis.
Rugged & Reliable Mobile Noise & Vibration Measurement System - DATS-tetrad
Portable, Reliable, Accurate
The DATS-tetrad is a rugged, portable data acquisition system with up to 32 high speed analog inputs. Sensor options are include IEPE/voltage (accels, mics etc), strain gauges, thermocouples, tachos and CAN. It can be powered from mains, vehicle or internal battery. The Tetrad is a standalone front end or can be distributed for >1000 channels.
Noise vibration measurement software
Complexity Made Simple
DATS Software
DATS is a comprehensive package of data capture, signal processing and reporting tools. It has focused tools for sound and vibration measurement & analysis and is used for a wide range of engineering and general signal processing tasks. The core package provides basic analysis tools and a number of optional packs address particular types of analysis.
Multichannel Noise & Vibration Measurement System - DATS-hyper12
High Channel Count
The DATS-hyper12 is the high channel count member of the Prosig DATS data acquisition system family. It is ideal for large scale acoustic & vibration measurement tasks. The unit is available in portable or rack-mount form and a single system can support 96 high speed analogue inputs. Units can be stacked to expand the system to >1000 channels.
CAN-bus logging for Noise & Vibration Measurement System - DATS-CANetic
Easy CAN-bus Logging
The DATS-CANetic is a set of integrated software tools in DATS and a small, rugged, CAN-bus logger from Kvaser. It is ideal for quick access to vehicle bus data. The easy to use software allows the user to start logging in minutes. Recorded data is automatically synchronised and integrated with the Prosig data acquisition systems.
Hammer Impact Testing
Impact testing (bump testing, tap testing, or resonance testing) uses an instrumented hammer to excite a structure and measure the response. The DATS-HITS solution is straightforward, simple, fast, reliable and accurate. It includes a 4-channel DATS-solo data capture system, the DATS Hammer Impact software and, optionally, a hammer and accelerometers.
Entry level Noise & Vibration Measurement System - DATS-solo
Entry Level Starter
The P8012 supports up to 24 high speed analog inputs plus two tachos. P8012's can be used alone or connected with Tetrad, Hyper12 or other P8012s for flexible channel configurations. The same input options for the DATS-tetrad can be used in a P8012. If you need high precision measurement then the DATS-P8012 is an ideal entry-level system that can upgraded later.

What Our Customers Say...

Good product. Easy to use
Aerospace Engineer
simple...reliable...and well tested in harsh extreme environment..
Senior Vibration Engineer
Defence Research, India
Excellent data acquisition and analysis tool for sound and vibration
Automotive Engineer
Good value. Good support. Good facilities and analysis options
Automotive Engineer


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