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Noise & Vibration Measurement

Prosig provide data capture hardware, analysis software and services across a range of applications and industries. We focus on sound & vibration measurement, and online vibration monitoring (OLVMS) across multiple sectors including automotive, power generation, aerospace, advanced engineering, space, manufacturing, defence and academia.

Sound & Vibration Measurement

Prosig’s acoustic and vibration measurement systems are built around the DATS-Solo, DATS-tetrad and DATS-hyper12 data capture systems and DATS analysis software. They can be used for a wide variety of noise and vibration measurement tasks.

Both the hardware and software can be configured to suit individual requirements.

Vibration Condition Monitoring

The PROTOR Online Vibration Monitoring System (OLVMS) and PROTOR-mobile systems provide long-term 24/7 vibration condition monitoring for power stations and other large scale rotating plant.

An OLVMS system is vital to detect impending faults, prevent unexpected outages, avoid equipment damage and generally monitor plant health.

About Us

Prosig was established in 1977 by members of ISVR (Institute of Sound & Vibration Research) at Southampton University. The company’s goal was to provide customers with the best available hardware and software for noise and vibration measurement.

The existing UK headquarters, in Fareham UK, were completed in 1982 and Prosig USA, Inc. was founded in 1986. In 2001 an engineering center was opened in Detroit to provide high quality support to customers in the area. Prosig’s US operations are now run from CMG’s facility in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

In 2014 Prosig became part of Condition Monitoring Group (CMG) Limited. The combination of Prosig’s expertise & heritage and the technologies & knowledge in CMG has led to significant benefits to our existing user base and to new customers.

Prosig maintains a network of partners to support business in Europe, North America, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and South America.

The company vison has always been focused on producing reliable, high quality, integrated measurement solutions that allow our customers to achieve best practice by using the latest tools available to the test engineer.

What Our Customers Say...

Good product. Easy to use
Aerospace Engineer
simple...reliable...and well tested in harsh extreme environment..
Senior Vibration Engineer
Defence Sector, India
Excellent data acquisition and analysis tool for sound and vibration
Automotive Engineer
Good value. Good support. Good facilities and analysis options
Automotive Engineer

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