DATS Software

DATS Software

Software for measurement, analysis and reporting

DATS is a comprehensive package of data capture, signal processing and reporting tools. It has some focused tools for sound and vibration analysis, but is used for a wide range of engineering and general signal processing tasks. A core package provides basic functionality and many analysis tools. A number of optional packs and add-ons address particular types of measurement and analysis. DATS has been continuously refined and updated by signal processing experts for over 40 years.

Key Benefits

40 years of development

DATS is a reliable, tested and proven analysis solution that has been used to solve real world problems for decades.

Worksheet programming

Easy to understand, yet powerful environment to build custom analysis algorithms and tests.


Some measurement & analysis software tells you what you already know. DATS helps you find what you don't already know.

Reports & Automation

Worksheets, reports and automation allow a user to avoid repetitive tasks and concentrate on understanding the data.

Turn Data into Wisdom

The Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom hierarchy demonstrates how DATS takes you beyond other test & measurement packages.

The Data in the model on the right represents our sensors which gather the data from the test piece.

The data capture front end converts this to digital Information.

Knowledge is then gained from running our analysis or test sequence. This is where many software packages stop.

DATS, with it’s worksheets, scripts, flexible analysis algorithms, visualisations and reporting tools helps you find  those details that can otherwise be missed. This leads to the value of true Wisdom.


Integrated Capture Software

The DATS Capture and Acquisition software fully integrates with the DATS package and delivers data directly to the analysis & reporting

Realtime Displays

During tests DATS offers a huge range of displays and visualisations including time series, frequency spectra, numeric displays, waterfalls and more

Vast Range of Analysis Options

The DATS analysis suite has been developed over 40+ years to cover the the entire range of signal processing functions

Drag & Drop Automation

The worksheet environment in DATS is the glue that takes the analysis building blocks and turns your algorithm ideas into reality

Built-In Reporting

The Intaglio reporting function built in to DATS lets you share your results with your colleagues and customers

Flexible Package Options

For specific applications like Rotating Machinery Studies or Vehicle Refinement, DATS has a suite of add-on packages

Fully Integrated Capture Software With Realtime Displays

4 Easy Steps To Configure DATS The Way You Want It

1. Choose The Hardware Platform




2. Add capture software and basic analysis


Integrated capture software with support for arming, triggering and capturing data using the DATS hardware. Comes with full set of real-time displays.


The core analysis software. Contains the worksheet environment, reporting tools and the basic DATS analysis algorithms for time and frequency domain and more.

3. Choose Additional Packs

Advanced Frequency

Advanced Time Domain

Advanced Filtering

Advanced Maths


Data Manipulation

4. Choose Application Options


NVH/Refinement Analysis

Use the sophisticated algorithms and powerful analysis capabilities of DATS to refine anything from an fuel pump to an aircraft

Rotating Machinery

Rotating Machinery Analysis

Contains a complete set of tools for analyzing the sources of vibration &noise caused by cyclic forces such as those found in motors, shafts and gearboxes

Modal Analysis

Modal Analysis

Across industries, structural response measurements are an essential requirement for engineers working on noise & vibration problems


Acoustic Analysis

Covers a range of acoustic & sound measurement including psychoacoustics, room acoustics, transmission loss, sound level meter and more

Human Response

Human Response

The way in which we respond to vibration from tools, vehicles and machines affects the quality of our lives, and ultimately our health


Source Contribution Analysis

SCA (Source Contribution Analysis) provides a straightforward method of locating the source of problematic noise in a complex structure such as a car

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What Our Customers Say...

I used the DATS quick reports the other day, that product keeps amazing me
Engineering Manager
The software is really easy to use, the interface is great and it does not crash
Good value. Good support. Good facilities
Automotive Engineer
Thanks to you for consistently providing professional and technical support in our work with Prosig
Automotive Engineer

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