Power Generation

Application Case Studies

Real world vibration case studies in Power Generation

Wind Turbine Development

A UK-based wind turbine manufacturer needs to perform structural health monitoring of their products. Specifically, they to carry out blade fatigue testing with static and cyclic loading of the blades.

OCGT Clutch Balancing

A vibration problem arose at an Open Cycle Gas Turbine. Following an outage on the four gas turbines and two SSS clutches, the machine returned to service with unacceptable vibration levels on some generation runs.

OLVMS at Aberthaw

Aberthaw was a coal-fired power station. It was capable of generating around 1555MW of electricity, enough power to meet the needs of 1.5 million households – equivalent to the total population of five cities the size of Cardiff.

Monitor from Anywhere

Ever wonder if there is a vibration condition monitoring system that can be installed and then monitored from anywhere? Even on your smartphone? Prosig recently configured its PROTOR system to do just that.

OLVMS at Cockenzie

When Cockenzie opened in 1967, it was the largest power station in Scotland with four 300MW coal-fired turbine generators. The Power Station generated more than 150 Terawatt Hours
(TWh) of electricity in its lifetime.

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