Portable Vibration Condition Monitoring

PROTOR-mobile is the fifth generation of multi-channel, portable system developed jointly by Prosig and sister company, Beran. It offers unrivalled capability in a compact form factor weighing less than 7kg with powerful diagnostic capability. Designed for rotating machinery: - Steam Turbines - Gas Turbines - Hydro Turbines - Feedwater Pumps - Gearboxes - Machinery requiring continuous monitoring

Key Capabilities

Plant Commissioning




Unattended diagnostics

Key Features

Up to 32 channels

Up to 32 parallel dynamic channels, 4 speed signals, 16 DC process channels


24-bit ADC resolution

High Speed Diagnostics

Machine operating speeds from 0 rpm to 50,000 rpm

Multiple units

Support for Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement or Dynamic Pressure

Integrated process data

Simultaneous acquisition of vibration and process data

Signal Conditioning

Integral ICP support and Hi and Low pass filters

High bandwidth

50kHz measurement bandwidth per channel

Selectable FFT bands

Multiple FFT line resolution, programmable FFT bands

Signal Conditioning

Up to 16 harmonic orders, sub-synchronous levels, intra-harmonic level, gap

Multiple speed support

Assignment of dynamic channels to multiple speed signals

Domains & events

RPM and Time based acquisition control plus configurable event conditions

Reference Overlays

Overlay real-time run-up / rundown files with historic baseline reference

Data export

File export into CSV format

Data connections

Interface to OSI Soft™ PI and third party applications using OPC interface


Two high speed GBit LAN ports and remote 4G access

Lightweight & Portable

Less than 7kg with rugged case and lightweight padded bag carry options

Diagnostics, Trends, Alerts & Alarms,

Displays include...

Overall levels

Peak to peak levels

Order locked vibration levels

Speed value

Shaft centre line

Filtered, unfiltered orbits

FFT spectra, FFT waterfall

FFT Bands

Full Spectrum

Synchronous / Asynchronous Time Domain

Polar plot


Alarm logs

DC Gap and Bias Voltage

Process parameters

Trend displays

Overlay displays


Datasheet Downloads

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