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Application Case Studies

Real world vibration case studies for Advanced Engineering

Tick Detection Algorithm

An investigation was made of automotive components where some were exhibiting a high frequency tick or rattle. The Prosig system was able to analyse components and classify them as “good” or “bad”.

Electric Motors & Gearboxes

Prosig was contracted by a USA-based electric motor manufacturer for an end of line vibration test system to qualify various models of motors under final test to verify that vibration levels are within strict vibration specifications.

Studying Transmission Error

Transmission Error or Torsional Vibration studies rotational speed. A shaft apparently rotating smoothly, actually accelerates & decelerates as it rotates. This is crucial in the refinement of any rotating parts.

It Is Rocket Science

The digital control lines from rocket motors are used to control a Prosig P8048, which measures vibration and pressure signals. The system has a digital control module and custom acquisition software for rocket test sequence measurement.

Tools for vibration & acoustic measurement



DATS software


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