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Real world Industrial & Manufacturing noise & vibration case studies

Robot Vibration Testing

A Prosig system is used to capture CAN bus data and vibration signals on an industrial robot. Control is by CAN bus and the Prosig P8000 compares sending commands to the robot and seeing the vibration effects caused by the displacement of the hydraulics.

Testing Oil Filled Dampers

A manufacturer of oil filled dampers the USA required a system to automate the testing of their products. The system used standard Prosig hardware and software including a Prosig DATS-dcu control unit to interface with the production line.

Electric Motors & Gearboxes

Prosig was contracted by USA-based electric motor manufacturer to integrate a system for end of line vibration test to qualify various models of motors under final test to verify that vibration levels are within strict vibration specifications.

Understanding Water Meters

A UK manufacturer of domestic & industrial water meters wanted to automate the testing of their meters taken from production. These meters have to be accurate within statutory limits so that neither the customer is charged too much nor the supplier underpaid.

Whole Vehicle Testing

Prosig was chosen by a major US automobile manufacturer to develop an end-of-production-line testing tool to ensure that noise & vibration levels were within design limits. This measures quality and mitigates against future customer complaints and warranty claims.

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