Condition Monitoring - Online Vibration Monitoring System (OLVMS)

PROTOR provides a complete hardware and software solution for vibration monitoring of rotating machines. Acquisition subsystems monitor the machinery and are networked to a central server. Realtime and historical data can be accessed on the server or remotely via a LAN, WAN or VPN. Data and reports are available in graphical and numerical forms.

Key Benefits

Improved Efficiency

Reliable diagnostics reduce downtime and bring increased overall efficiency

Lower Capital Costs

By extending machine service life capital costs are reduced

Better Health Data

Allows predictive maintenance, avoiding and limiting machine damage

Improved safety

Unexpected machine failure increases risks of damage and injury

Data availability

Data is delivered to your desktop either locally or remotely

Reduced Servicing

Only repair or replace parts that are damaged or worn out

Lower Repair Costs

Recognize problems before they cause serious damage

Reduced Downtime

Machines can be maintained while in service

Less Shutdowns

Scheduled maintenance can coincide with production requirements

Fault Detection

Shaft Imbalance

Whirl Problems

Shaft Rubs

Bearing Faults

Shaft Bowing

Balance Piston Rubs

Damaged Sealing Strips


Shaft Cracking


Casing Distortion

Generator Shorts

End Winding Vibrations

Blade Response

Hub Cracking

Alerts, Alarms, Diagnostics & Prognostics

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Alert Processing includes...

Amplitude exceedance for overall and selected orders

Exceeding elliptical boundaries in amplitude and phase

Exceeding difference in RMS and sum of harmonics

Exceeding sub-synchronous amplitude

Step Alerts

Vibration alerts dependent upon plant process parameters

Filtering of wild alerts

Banded spectra alerts

Examples of Some Typical PROTOR Distributed Configurations

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Datasheet Downloads

Datasheets and case studies

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