Rugged, USB powered, small data logger

The DATS-solo is a small data logger from Prosig. It is compact, rugged, USB powered and has 4 x 24-bit inputs selectable as IEPE, voltage or tachometer inputs. Industry standard SMA connectors are used for input with optional adapters for other connectors. The size, tough packaging and power from USB make it ideal for mobile use. Internally there is comprehensive signal conditioning for IEPE or voltage with anti-alias filters, all controlled by Prosig’s DATS software. The fully integrated DATS software provides options for acoustic & vibration testing, rotating machinery analysis, NVH tests, hammer impact analysis, resonance testing and modal analysis.

Key Benefits

Easy setup

Rapid re-configuring for different tests and applications allows the system to be easily changed from one test to the next.

Ultra Portable, small data logger

The DATS-solo is small enough to fit in your pocket and easy to grab for a quick test or pack in your carry-on luggage.

Flexible, integrated software

The DATS software integrates with all of the hardware options and blends ease of use for beginners with power for experienced users

Decades of knowledge

Prosig's hardware and software is built around decades of real-world experience of measurement challenges.


4 Multi-Use Channels

All 4 channels on the DATS-solo can be used as voltage, IEPE or tachometer inputs. Simply select the required input in the software.

24-bits at 144k samples/sec

All four 24-bit inputs can sample at 144k samples per second per channel with data safely & securely streamed to the PC harddrive.

Prosync synchronisation

Prosig's proprietary synchronisation technology, Prosync, means that every sample on every channel is accurately synchronised.

USB powered

No need to take (or forget!) bulky power supplies. The USB powered DATS-solo simply plugs in to your PC or laptop.

Rugged & Reliable

The Solo is built around a rugged, aluminium chassis and comes in a protective carry case. It is vibration tested to MIL-STD standards.

Flexible Connector Options

Use either the compact SMA connectors or add BNC adapter to use your legacy sensors (other adapters available)

Fully Integrated DATS Capture & Analysis Software

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Datasheet : DATS-solo - small data logger

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