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Discover DATS-NVH, the comprehensive tool for Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) analysis

It's not just about reducing noise; it's about creating the right noise for automobiles, aircraft, and even household appliances. The DATS-NVH package paired with Prosig data capture hardware offers a complete toolkit for analyzing the sources of vibration and noise from motors, engines, gearboxes etc., with real-time displays. With DATS-NVH, you're crafting an enhanced auditory experience for your vehicle or product.

Introducing DATS-NVH: The Cutting-Edge Solution for NVH Testing

NVH Testing (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) is central to building successful products in today’s competitive market. The DATS NVH Analysis Software takes NVH testing to a new level, providing the tools necessary not only to reduce noise but to create the right noise for various products, from automobiles and aircraft to white goods and other household appliances.

NVH Testing for Rotating Machinery

The DATS-Rotating Machinery option presents a comprehensive set of tools for NVH testing, analyzing the sources of vibration and noise caused by cyclic forces in engines, gearboxes, and wheel excitation. The Prosig acquisition software comes with real-time displays for enhanced NVH testing of Rotating Machinery.

Time Sampled Analysis & Waterfall Visualization for NVH Testing

Our Time Sampled analysis enables users to conduct classical Waterfall analysis, a vital part of NVH testing, to produce frequency spectra related to rotation speed. It includes tacho conditioning software and offers visualization for waterfalls and orders, along with band-pass filtering and envelope analysis for bearing analysis.

Synchronous Analyses for Advanced NVH Testing

DATS-NVH offers various synchronous analyses for NVH testing, allowing data to be viewed in the order domain. Utilize a discrete Fourier transform (DFT) for order extraction, and resample data using the tacho as the synchronous marker for consistent cycle sampling.

Why Choose DATS-NVH for Your NVH Testing Needs?

  • Fully Integrated Solution: Streamline your NVH testing process with a solution that contains everything an engineer needs.
  • User-friendly Experience: Simple to set up and use, focusing on the data, not the technology.
  • Rugged, Mobile Hardware: Reliable and adaptable hardware ready for demanding conditions.

With DATS-NVH, NVH testing is not just about finding problems; it’s about refining solutions. Experience precision, efficiency, and simplicity in one powerful NVH testing package, and take the driver’s seat in the future of product refinement. Contact us today to learn more about how DATS-NVH can transform your NVH testing process

Key Benefits

Comprehensive NVH Testing Solution

From automobiles to household appliances, DATS-NVH offers a complete toolkit for analyzing and refining products, tailored for engineers to craft the right noise for various applications.

Advanced Tools for Rotating Machinery

With real-time displays and specialized analyses, DATS-NVH provides detailed insights into the sources of vibration and noise in engines, gearboxes, and more, revolutionizing NVH testing for rotating machinery.

User-Friendly Experience

Designed with simplicity in mind, DATS-NVH streamlines the NVH testing process with easy setup and intuitive interfaces, allowing you to focus on data and results.

Rugged and Mobile Hardware

Ready for field tests under demanding conditions, the durable and adaptable hardware ensures reliable and consistent NVH testing, wherever your work takes you.


Comprehensive NVH Testing Suite

Provides full-spectrum NVH analysis tools, enabling noise and vibration refinement across various products, including automobiles, aircraft, and household appliances.

Realtime Displays

During tests DATS offers a huge range of displays and visualisations including time series, frequency spectra, numeric displays, waterfalls and more

Rotating Machinery Analysis

Offers specialized tools to analyze cyclic forces in engines, gearboxes, and wheel excitations, enhancing NVH testing for complex machinery.

Time Sampled & Waterfall Analysis

Includes classical Waterfall analysis and frequency spectra visualization, enabling detailed analysis related to rotation speed in NVH testing.

Built-In Reporting

The Intaglio reporting function built in to DATS lets you share your results with your colleagues and customers

User-Friendly Interface

Simplifies the NVH testing process with easy setup and an intuitive user experience, empowering your team to focus on data and results rather than technology.

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I used the DATS quick reports the other day, that product keeps amazing me
Engineering Manager
The software is really easy to use, the interface is great and it does not crash
Good value. Good support. Good facilities.
Automotive Engineer
Thanks to you for consistently providing professional and technical support in our work with Prosig
Automotive Engineer

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