High channel count mobile or laboratory data acquisition system

The DATS-hyper12 is the high channel count member of the Prosig DATS data acquisition system family. The unit is available in portable or rack-mount form and a single system can support 96 high speed analogue inputs. Units can be stacked to expand the system to over 1000 channels. Various input options are available. These include high speed analog (for microphones & accelerometers), thermocouple, strain gauge, precision tachometer measurement, digital I/O, CAN-bus, GPS and analog output. Each option is complete with programmable signal conditioning, which is controlled by the DATS software.

Key Benefits

Easy sensor setup

Rapid re-configuring for different tests and applications allows the system to be easily changed from one test to the next.

High channel count

Fast verification of measurement channels between each test. Prosig's setup editor is simple and easy to use.

Flexible, integrated software

The DATS software integrates with all of the hardware options and blends ease of use for beginners with power for experienced users

Decades of knowledge

Prosig's hardware and software is built around decades of real-world experience of measurement challenges.


Over 1000 channels

Flexible channel options per system and stackable, interconnected systems up to more than 1000 channels.

Speeds up to 800k samples/sec

Systems can be configured to capture at rates up to 800,000 samples / sec / channel (16 bits) or 300,000 samples / sec / channel (24 bits)

Prosync synchronisation

Even when systems are connected for high channel counts, Prosync means that every sample on every channel is accurately synchronised.

Flexible power options

Works with mains or vehicle power. The plus version adds local processor & storage to each system for data security & throughput.

Flexible communications

Flexible options for standard PC interfaces - Ethernet & USB - means no special device drivers – can be used by anyone, anywhere.

No breakout boxes

No expensive, failure prone breakout boxes or splitter cables. Reduces cost, complexity & unwanted measurement noise.

Fully Integrated DATS Capture & Analysis Software

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