DATS Accessories

DATS Accessories

Extras to help you get the most from your DATS hardware and software

The DATS hardware comes with a range of accessories that extend the capabilities of the systems.These include add-ons for CAN-bus logging (CAN FD & CAN 2.0), a digital control unit and rugged cases to protect your hardware.



  • CAN 2.0 & CAN FD
  • Dual channel relay and GPIO module
  • Integrated DATS software
  • Lossless CAN data capture

The DATS-CANetic is a small, rugged, CAN-bus logger, ideal for applications requiring quick access to vehicle network data.

The dedicated CAN-bus hardware configuration and cable design allows the user to start logging in minutes. No complex setup, file management or pinout interpretation is required. Recorded data is automatically synchronised and integrated with the Prosig data acquisition systems, and can be viewed in real time via the DATS-Acquisition software.

DATS-tetrad Exocase

  • Custom storage for the DATS-tetrad
  • Scratch & water resistant – IP56 rated
  • MIL-SPEC 81-41 approved
  • 6x stronger than a traditional flight case
  • Operate the system while it’s in the case

The DATS-tetrad ExoCase ensures the highest levels of protection for the system during both transportation and in-field use.

The bespoke design not only allows you to operate the system while in the case, but also provides ample storage for all of your accessories.

Having everything in a single, easily-accessible place can significantly reduce setup time and also prevents damage or loss to any components when they are not in use.


  • Dual channel relay and GPIO module
  • Allows control of external devices and machinery
  • Compact, rugged and reliable
  • High quality, easy access screw terminals
  • USB powered

When combined with real-time processing capabilities of DATS, the DATS-dcu provides a powerful and sleek solution to combine complex digital signal processing with simple TTL logic control of third party systems. This allows users to make instantaneous decisions based on live data while following predefined test requirements.


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