DATS Software Configuration

How to configure DATS to fit your needs

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Configuring Your DATS System

Welcome to the DATS configuration guide – Our range of hardware platforms offers a versatile spectrum of channels, ranging from a compact 4 to a  thousand or more. This is complemented by our robust core software suite, with essential features and a wide array of analytical tools. Additionally, to cater to your specific measurement and analysis needs, we offer a variety of optional packs and add-ons. Dive into the following sections to learn how you can configure the perfect system to align with your objectives. Do you only need a few channels of data acquisition and some core software for hammer impact testing? Or are maybe you need a few hundred channels for satellite testing? With DATS, you can decide.

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4 Easy Steps To Configure DATS The Way You Want It

1. Choose The Hardware Platform




2. Add capture software and basic analysis


Integrated capture software with support for arming, triggering and capturing data using the DATS hardware. Comes with full set of real-time displays.


The core analysis software. Contains the worksheet environment, reporting tools and the basic DATS analysis algorithms for time and frequency domain and more.

3. Choose Additional Packs

Advanced Frequency

Advanced Time Domain

Advanced Filtering

Advanced Maths


Data Manipulation

4. Choose Application Options


NVH/Refinement Analysis

Use the sophisticated algorithms and powerful analysis capabilities of DATS to refine anything from an fuel pump to an aircraft

Rotating Machinery Analysis

Rotating Machinery

Contains a complete set of tools for analyzing the sources of vibration &noise caused by cyclic forces such as those found in motors, shafts and gearboxes

Modal Analysis

Modal Analysis

Across industries, structural response measurements are an essential requirement for engineers working on noise & vibration problems


Acoustic Analysis

Covers a range of acoustic & sound measurement including psychoacoustics, room acoustics, transmission loss, sound level meter and more

Human Response

Human Response

The way in which we respond to vibration from tools, vehicles and machines affects the quality of our lives, and ultimately our health

Source Contribution Analysis (SCA)


SCA (Source Contribution Analysis) provides a straightforward method of locating the source of problematic noise in a complex structure such as a car

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