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The DATS Rotating Machinery option contains a complete set of tools for analyzing the sources of vibration and noise caused by cyclic forces such as those found in engines, gearboxes and wheel excitation.

Prosig acquisition software has additional realtime displays for use with Rotating Machinery Analysis.

The Time Sampled analysis enables a user to carry out classical Waterfall analysis, producing frequency spectra related to the speed of rotation. It includes comprehensive tacho conditioning software. The software allows waterfalls and orders to be visualized in many ways. Band-pass filtering and envelope analysis can be carried out for bearing analysis.

Various synchronous analyses can be used to view the data in the order domain. In particular a discrete Fourier transform (DFT) can be used to extract orders directly. Data which has been sampled using a fixed time sample rate can be resampled using the tacho as the synchronous marker, so that the same number of samples are generated for each cycle.

Software includes

Time Sampled Data

  • Average Waterfalls
  • Speed Signal from Tacho
  • Extract Orders and Overall Level
  • Generate Waterfall
  • Generate Waterfall with phase
  • Equalisation Order Filter

Order Domain Analysis

  • Auto Spectral Density
  • Cross Spectral Density
  • DFT
  • FFT
  • Multiple Spectrum RMS Level
  • Spectrum Level
  • Spectrum RMS Over Order Range
  • Transfer Function
  • Zoom Transfer
  • Zoom Auto Spectral Density
  • Zoom Cross Spectral Density

Angle Sampled Data

  • Angular Vibration of Shaft
  • Asynchronous to Synchronous
  • Order Waterfall
  • Order Waterfall with Phase
  • Synchronous Orders
  • Calculate Average Cycle
  • Calculate Cycle Statistics
  • Tacho Synthesis

Advanced Tacho Analysis

  • Angular Vibration from Tacho
  • Tacho Crossing times
  • Tacho Ideal Equivalent
  • Tacho to time periods
  • Raw Speeds
  • Average period Speeds
  • Smooth Curve Fitted Speeds
  • Interpolated Speeds
  • Tacho Crossing Checks
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Seamlessly data in the time, order & angle domains


  • Waterfalls
  • Order Tracking
  • Time Domain Analysis
  • Order Domain Analysis
  • Angle Domain Analysis
  • Torsional Vibration
  • Shaft Twist Measurement


Order data & waterfall plots


Viewing data in linear, log & dB



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