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DATS Software 2023.1: Welcome to the Latest Version

We are thrilled to unveil DATS 2023.2, the newest iteration of our leading DATS software suite. This release follows our recently introduced versioning system, which employs the release year and a sequential increment to define each version. By adopting this approach, we aim to offer a streamlined and predictable release cadence, making it easier for our users to stay updated with our latest advancements.

What’s New in DATS 2023.2

Introducing DATS-SineSweep

Incorporated into this version is DATS 7.0.38, featuring the debut of DATS-SineSweep. This cutting-edge shaker testing application is designed to capture and analyse data from multi-channel swept-sine tests. It represents a significant leap forward in testing efficiency and accuracy.

The DATS Sine Sweep Test System is an integrated solution designed for automotive, aerospace, and industrial engineers. It performs multi-channel swept-sine tests to assess component behaviour under vibrational stress accurately. The system calculates resonance frequencies and damping factors, critical for quality control and product development. Applications include engine component testing in automotive, material fatigue analysis in aerospace and heavy machinery evaluation in industrial settings. By pinpointing resonant frequencies, the DATS system elevates the precision and reliability of vibration testing.

Enhanced DATS Acquisition Suite

The DATS Acquisition software suite is now more robust than ever. Highlights include:

  • A brand-new Frequency Sweep display option for a more intuitive analysis
  • Enhanced real-time overlays in the Frequency Sweep display to improve data visualisation
  • Optimized user feedback mechanisms in high bandwidth configurations
  • Quicker reconnection times with networked hardware for a seamless user experience

Updates to DATS Analysis

We’ve also refined our DATS Analysis features to enhance your data examination capabilities:

  • Peak and trough analysis features, previously only available in our Fatigue Analysis pack, are now integrated into the standard packs.
  • The QuickReport facility has been updated to provide more concise and actionable insights.
  • Prolog users will experience substantial enhancements in the PrologFileClient utility, simplifying data management and operations.

We are committed to improving our software to serve your data analysis and testing needs better. With the launch of DATS 2023.2, we are excited to set a new standard for what you can achieve.

Upgrade to DATS 2023.2 today and discover the future of data analysis and testing.