Prosig Student Project Prize (University of Portsmouth) 2018

We are proud to reveal the this year’s winners of the annual Prosig student prize for engineering projects at the University of Portsmouth. Here we present the winner and a description of their project.

Prosig Engineering Project Prize (University Of Portsmouth) 2018

Simon Fels – Aerodynamics of a Passively Adjustable Rear Wing for Automotive Application

Simon studied under an exchange programme at University of Portsmouth’s School of Engineering. His project looked at the conflicting requirements of low drag and high downforce in modern race cars. Simon considered an aeroelastic solution, which is based on elastic deformation of a spiral spring. The question was whether such a passively adjustable rear wing is suitable for an automotive application or not. Below is a link to Simon’s project poster and a photograph of his test rig and presentation of his prize by Prosig’s Sales & Marketing Manager, James Wren.