4ch Advanced Tacho


The 8420 card is intended as a solution for situations with rotating machines where positional information and time relative to position information are required. This would classically be a very high speed shaft encoder with a fine resolution. This card is used in applications where there is a requirement to accurately measure rotational speed at several points in a drivetrain. The high speed and resolution of this card mean it is suitable for in-depth rotational machine analysis such as torsional and angular vibration. The 8420 card measures the time between pulses with a 16ns resolution.


Description 4ch Advanced Tacho
Tacho input channels 4
Tacho input range ±28V
Absolute max input range ±50V
Slope selection +ve, -ve
Dynamic noise rejection Yes
Resolution 16.6ns
Connector BNC
Power usage (worst case) 1.3W


  • Programmable signal conditioning to de-bounce inputs
  • 60MHz resolution
  • Pulse counting
  • Noise Offset’ & ‘Hold Off’ setting
  • Programmable threshold & slope
  • Pulse time stamping
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