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PROTOR-Mobile is the ideal, investigative tool for mobile condition monitoring of rotating machinery. It provides the same extensive facilities as a standard PROTOR system but as a portable unit, rugged enough to withstand typical Power Station environmental challenges. PROTOR-Mobile is available either as a highly portable 16-channel unit or a larger 32-channel unit. The 16-channel version provides stand-alone monitoring and storage for 16 channels and 2 tachometer or phase reference signals. The 32-channel unit supports up-to 4 phase reference signals. For total flexibility up-to four 32-channels units may be daisy-chained together to give a total of 128 channels of monitoring with up-to 16 phase reference signals.

Displays include:

  • Runups
  • Mimic diagrams
  • Rundowns
  • Orbits
  • Vector plots
  • Numerical displays
  • FFT’s
  • Trend plots
  • Order plots
  • Bode plots
  • Waterfalls
  • Shaft gaps displays
  • Cascade and overlay X-Y plots
  • Demand time and spectra
  • Combined vibration and plant process parameter plots
  • Reference overlays during runup and rundown

Alert processing includes:

  • Amplitude exceedance for overall and selected orders
  • Exceeding elliptical boundaries in amplitude and phase
  • Exceeding difference in RMS and sum of harmonics
  • Exceeding subsynchronous amplitude
  • Step Alerts
  • Banded spectra alerts
  • Vibration alerts dependent upon plant process parameters
  • Filtering of wild alerts

Data acquisition details:

  • Synchronous or time based
  • All channels sampled simultaneously
  • Total of 16 or 32 channels which may be either dynamic or static
  • Groups of 8 channels may be associated with phase reference signal


  • Avoid unscheduled outages
  • Prevent equipment damage
  • Detect impending faults
  • Provide health information
  • Configurable channel options


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