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The DATS Toolbox is a comprehensive package of data acquisition and signal processing tools. It is used mainly for sound and vibration measurement and analysis, but can be used with a wide range of engineering data. The DATS software has been continuously developed and improved over the course of more than 35 years.

The standard DATS Toolbox package has tools for

  • Data Capture
  • Analysis
  • Viewing and visualisation
  • Automation with graphical icons
  • Automation with scripts/macros
  • Report preparation
  • Data import/export for other formats

Data Capture

Data Capture

Because Prosig make the hardware and the software, the data capture is fully integrated with the Prosig DATS-solo, DATS-tetrad and DATS-hyper12 hardware. The capture software contains everything needed to view, calibrate, measure and store your data.

DATS Data Capture Systems

Standalone, remote data acquisition controller - PROLOG The DATS-solo is an ultra-portable, 24-bit data acquisition system. The DATS-tetrad has up to 32 channels of IEPE inputs plus options for strain gauges, digital and analogue output, thermocouple, CAN bus and high speed tachometers. The tough casing and low power requirements makes them ideal for mobile, in-vehicle or laboratory data acquisition. Units can be stacked to expand the system up to 1024 channels at speeds up to 100k samples/second/channel. The DATS-hyper12 adds high channel, rack mount capability. Take a look at the P8000 hardware range



DATS™ software has an unparalleled depth of signal processing functions. DATS Toolbox package comes with the following as standard:
  • Sound and vibration analysis
  • Time domain analysis
  • Frequency domain analysis
  • Filtering
  • Report generation
  • Statistics
  • Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistical counting
  • Signal manipulation
  • Signal arithmetic
You can find a full list of the analysis options included as standard in the DATS Toolbox datasheet.

Add-on Analysis Options

DATS.toolbox comes with all of the functionality mentioned above. A number of add-on software options are available. See the full range of analysis options

Import / Export

As well as capturing data using the P8000, DATS™ can be used on data from a huge range of sources using its unique import and export filters. You can find a full list of import/export formats in the DATS Toolbox datasheet.

Visualisation and Reporting


The DATS environment offers a rich selection of different graph styles to view and explore your data. 2D styles include lines, bars, symbols, x v y graphs, bode plots, polar plots, modulus & phase and so on. For more complex applications there are 3D styles such as isometric, colored surface, waterfall, contour, colormaps, intensity plots etc.

Report Generator - Intaglio

The Intaglio Report Generator makes it easy to produce top quality reports time after time. It uses the powerful OLE technology built in to Windows to add DATS™ graphs and other related information (numbers, labels and text) to standard Microsoft Word documents. Intaglio used a system of templates that, once created, can be used over and over again.

Automating Your Testing and Analysis

Visual Scripts

All of the capture, import/export, analysis and graph functions can be easily combined using the DATS Visual Scripting interface. Functions can be configured as necessary using a simple icon based interface. Visual Scripts can contain complex structures such as loops, if conditions as well as using forms and producing reports.

BASIC Scripts

For programmers, DATS comes with a built in BASIC scripting language. This can be used to automate any part of the DATS™ processing mechanism. Scripts can contain data capture, data import, analyses, user input forms, graphical results, report generation and data export. DATS BASIC Scripts also support OLE automation for seamless integration with other products such as Microsoft Office. Visual and BASIC Scripts can both be used for creating turn-key test systems and end-of-line testing applications.
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