Case Study Overview

Cockenzie Power Station, in East Lothian, Scotland closed down on 15th March 2013 after 45 years of power generation. The station opted out of the Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD) in January 2008 and as a consequence was required to close by December 2015 or after it had operated for 20,000 hours. These hours have now expired.

When Cockenzie opened in 1967, it was the largest power station in Scotland with four 300MW coal-fired turbine generators. The Power Station generated more than 150 Terawatt Hours (TWh) of electricity in its lifetime.

Planning permission has been approved for construction of a 1000MW gas-fired power station onthe site although no firm commitment to proceed has yet been made by the owners.

Prosig installed their PROTOR Online Vibration Monitoring System in 1994 to provide invaluable information to allow the condition of the machines to be evaluated and assessed by both operational staff and vibration experts.

What Prosig Hardware & Software Was Used?


4 x PROTOR-3 Units
– to collect 32 dynamics and 144 static channels per unit
1 x PROTOR-4 Units
– to collect data from Main Boiler Feed Pumps (MBFP), 2 x Start-Standby Feed Pumps (SSBFP) and 2 x Forced Draft Fans (FDF)


Cockenzie Coal-Fired Power Station

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