Case Study Overview

Have you ever wondered if there is a vibration condition monitoring system that can be installed anywhere and then monitored from anywhere else? Even on your smartphone? Prosig recently configured its PROTOR system to aid in monitoring a vibration problem at a steam turbine at a power station.

Sometimes vibration issues are present on equipment that doesn’t have a permanent condition monitoring system installed. So it is often necessary to install a temporary vibration monitoring solution. Commonly, the expert is not based on-site and it could be difficult (and expensive) to keep visiting. In these cases a remote monitoring capability is essential. PROTOR-mobile is well-suited to this and comes with remote access as standard. And it is not always necessary to connect to a facility’s network.

What Prosig Hardware & Software Was Used?

  • Mobile Condition Monitoring with PROTOR-mobile PROTOR
    Mobile Condition Monitoring with PROTOR-mobile


Steam Turbine Installation

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