Case Study Overview

A vibration problem arose at an Open Cycle Gas Turbine. Following an outage on the four gas turbines and two SSS clutches, the machine returned to service with unacceptable vibration levels on some generation runs resulting in a significant loss of commercial operation.
In order to these conditions, temporary velocity transducers were fitted and the signals d and recorded using a Protor Mobile vibration monitoring system which is capable of measuring up to 16 channels of dynamic data with a bandwidth of 1 kHz per channel. Data is captured and d relative to a once-per revolution phase marker to allow extraction of the amplitude and phases of the harmonics of the shaft speed.

What Prosig Hardware & Software Was Used?

  • Mobile Condition Monitoring with PROTOR-mobile PROTOR
    Mobile Condition Monitoring with PROTOR-mobile


Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) facility

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