Prosig appoint Chris Mason as new General Manager

Prosig appoint Chris Mason as new General  Manager

In January 2016 Prosig, the noise & vibration measurement experts, appointed Chris Mason as their new General Manager. Outgoing General Manager, Jim Marshall explained “Having overseen the takeover of Prosig by the Condition Monitoring Group (CMG) in 2014, now seemed like a good time for change. So I decided to return to my roots and assume a role of Systems Specialist maintaining my involvement in the development of Prosig Data Acquisition products. Chris has been running our product development group for several years and has the skill set and motivation to take the business forward at this exciting time of real investment and substantial growth.”

Chris Mason joined Prosig in 1984 as a Software Engineer and has been involved in development of the DATS software ever since. He was responsible for the original DATS_plus product, the development of Prosig’s Windows packages and the current DATS Version 7 release. He has also had a leading role in building Prosig’s digital footprint including the website, the renowned Noise & Vibration Measurement Blog and the ever popular Noise & Vibration Measurement Handbook.

Chris commented “It’s an exciting new challenge for me personally and an exciting time for Prosig. We are beginning to see the benefits of being part of CMG and collaborations between the group companies are really starting to bear fruit. The next year or two will see some great new product launches.”

Alongside the appointment of Chris as General Manager there are other changes taking place. James Wren is taking on extra responsibilities, notably the marketing portfolio, to become Sales & Marketing Manager. Also the Prosig office in the USA is moving to Chicago to co-exist with other CMG companies and enable growth in the North American market.