Prosig Student Project Prizes 2016

Prosig Student Project Prizes 2016

We are proud to reveal the winners of the annual Prosig student prize for projects 2016. Earlier in the year we picked the winners of the two prizes:-

  • The Prosig  Engineering Project Prize (University Of Portsmouth) 2016
  • The Prosig  Acoustics Project Prize (ISVR at University Of Southampton) 2016

Here we present the winners and a description of their projects.

Prosig Engineering Project Prize (University Of Portsmouth) 2016

Andrew Woodhead – Digital Active Noise Control

Andrew studied at University of Portsmouth’s School of Engineering. His project showed a good understanding of the advantages of noise cancellation. Andrew also clearly understood the requirements of such a system. The project used Ear Defenders combined with an ANC system to provide duel protection from unwanted noise. Using a DsPIC microprocessor the environmental noise is phase shifted by 180⁰ to create a sound of opposite phase but equal frequency. This is then fed to speakers in the ear defenders. Below is a link to Andrew’s project poster and a photograph of him receiving his prize from Prosig’s Sales & Marketing Manager, James Wren.




Prosig Acoustics Prize (University Of Southampton) 2016

Freya Malcher – Ultrasonic Floor Cleaning

Freya Malcher built an ultrasonic device for cleaning flat surfaces such as floors, tables etc. She conducted successful trials, and now other researchers are continuing with trials and are taking updated designs into hospitals and food preparation areas. The practical aspects of this project were particularly impressive and discussions are now underway with a manufacturer. Again, you can see below a poster describing Freya’s project and a photograph of her presentation.




Everyone at Prosig would like to wish Andrew and Freya every success in any future academic endeavours and in their future careers.