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[Note: The Prolog is still supported by Prosig, but all of the Prolog’s functionality is now included in the DATS-tetrad. Please click to go the DATS-tetrad page]

The PROLOG unit is a standalone controller for Prosig’s P8000 hardware. Prolog enables operation of a P8000 without a laptop or computer.

Prolog is a controller that can replace your laptop or PC to allow remote, unattended or standalone operation of a P8000 system. The system may include one or more P8000 chassis.

The initial setup for standalone mode is performed with the standard Prosig acquisition software using a laptop or PC. Once the P8000 system configuration is complete the setup can be “locked” into the Prolog unit and the PC disconnected. The Prolog controller then takes over. Buttons on the unit are used to Arm, Start, Stop and Clear the P8000 hardware. Status lights show Overrange Detection, System Loaded, System Armed and System Acquiring and Error conditions. Captured data is accessible simply using a network share via Ethernet.

Prolog can also be used to operate your P8000 hardware from a remote location using a PC or laptop. It has a Gigabit Ethernet port that allows the P8000 hardware to be controlled over a LAN, WAN or VPN. The P8000 acquisition software can control a P8000 system over USB or over Ethernet with the help of the Prolog unit without any loss of functionality.


  • operation of a P8000 without a laptop or computer
  • remote operation of a P8000 via Ethernet
  • standalone and unattended operation
  • up to 256GB solid state memory


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