Case Study Overview

While contesting the UK Formula Ford 1600cc championship, the Prosig sponsored Dalmeny Racing Formula Ford Team suffered several minor structural failures on a particular part of an exhaust pipe mount.

Prosig dispatched an engineer and after a brief survey of the damage the Prosig engineers made an outline assessment “Our initial thoughts are that the exhaust itself might be resonating at particular engine speeds, thus causing some shear forces in the mount, which could then in turn cause stresses in the material leading to cracking and eventually failure”

A P8020 and Prosig’s DATS software were used to investigate further.

What Prosig Hardware & Software Was Used?

  • P8020 P8000 Hardware
  • DATS Toolbox DATS Software
    DATS Toolbox
  • DATS Rotating Machinery Analysis DATS Software
    DATS Rotating Machinery Analysis
  • DATS Modal Analysis DATS Software
    DATS Modal Analysis


Dalmeny Racing Team

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