Case Study Overview

Prosig used their DATS software and P8000 hardware platform to develop a flight test suite that covers standard vibration and acoustic analysis as well as specific analyses for modal flutter analysis and stability analysis. The software is designed to operate either in real-time (in-flight) mode taking data from a telemetry server, or in off-line (post-flight) mode taking input data from stored media.

Flutter Analysis is primarily concerned with measuring the damped vibrations at the major resonance frequencies while the aircraft is in flight and tracking the changes in behavior with increasing speed. Essentially this is a form of modal analysis and can be performed either in the frequency domain or time domain. The structural behavior at a response point on an aircraft when subjected to a forced excitation can be analyzed as a Transfer Function in the frequency domain and gives clear insight into the stability of the response characteristics close to resonances.

What Prosig Hardware & Software Was Used?

  • DATS-hyper12 DATS Hardware, P8000 Hardware
  • DATS Toolbox DATS Software
    DATS Toolbox


European Aerospace Company

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