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The correct NVH analysis software is central to creating a successful product. It’s not just making less noise, but also making the “right” noise, that is important.

Using the depth and power of the DATS NVH Analysis Software, it is possible to measure and refine a large range of products from automobiles & aircraft to white goods and other household appliances.

The DATS NVH analysis software now includes RapidResults NVH. This innovative new software ensures that the results of your NVH tests are available immediately. Perform your test, view your results, print your report. It’s as simple as that.

Extensive tacho analysis is used to analyze angular speed. Waterfall and order analysis picks out those parts of the spectrum that are harmonically related. Waterfall averaging enables the engineer to get a more consistent view of the problem. 1/nth Octave Analysis is used extensively as a first level method of reducing the data into standardized bands, which reflect the human response to noise. There are also a large number of Sound Quality metrics, that can be used to quantify noises in ways that reflect more accurately the psychoacoustic response of the drivers and passengers.

The DATS NVH Analysis Software contains everything an engineer needs for successful NVH analysis.

Software includes

Waterfall Analysis

  • Speed signal from tacho
  • Waterfall from tacho signal
  • Waterfall from speed signal
  • Waterfall with phase
  • Order extraction
  • Frequency to order spectrum conversion
  • Order cuts from waterfall

Averaging & Weighting

  • A, B, C, D spectral & time domain weighting
  • Spectrum averaging
  • RMS in user-defined bandwidth
  • Waterfall averaging


  • 1/nth octave bands from spectra
  • 1/nth octave bands from time
  • Difference dB signals
  • Equalisation order filter

Sound Quality Metrics

  • AI v. time
  • Loudness by Zwicker Diffuse (ISO532B)
  • Loudness by Zwicker Free (ISO532B)
  • Loudness by Zwicker Diffuse (Vehicle Biased)
  • Loudness by Zwicker Free (Vehicle Biased)
  • Loudness by Stevens (ISO532A)
  • Loudness v. time
  • Speech Articulation Index (ANSI S3.5 1969)
  • Speech Articulation Index (Vehicle Biased)
  • Composite Rating Performance
  • High Frequency Factor
  • Preferred Speech Interference Level
  • Spectral Balance


The essential toolkit for high quality, cost effective NVH analysis


  • Noise and Vibration Studies
  • Sound Quality Studies
  • Animation / ODS
  • Psychoacoustic Metrics
  • Noise Source Identification
  • Sound Power Measurement
  • Chassis Dynamics


Order data & waterfall plots


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