Case Study Overview

A major UK-based wind turbine manufacturer needs to perform structural health monitoring of their products. Specifically, they wanted to carry out blade fatigue testing with static and cyclic loading of the blades.

In the pre-production stage a basic force is applied to the blade that will achieve the desired strain level profile in the blade.

This type of fatigue testing is used to validate new designs and models of the blades. The durability data is then used to confirm load profiles and track potential failures, cracks and changes in blade properties over time.

What Prosig Hardware & Software Was Used?

  • DATS-hyper12 DATS Hardware, P8000 Hardware
  • DATS Toolbox DATS Software
    DATS Toolbox
  • DATS Fatigue & Durability Analysis DATS Software
    DATS Fatigue & Durability Analysis


Wind Turbine Manufacturer

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