Case Study Overview

The growth of electric vehicles has led to a race to understand and improve battery technology. A leading automotive research organisation chose Prosig to provide the system to assist them in developing the next generation of vehicle batteries.

There were several challenges that needed to be met including measuring high voltages, closely monitoring temperatures, monitoring over long periods, a high channel count and the ability to detect & indicate alarm conditions.

The Prosig P8048 met all of these requirements.

What Prosig Hardware & Software Was Used?

  • DATS-hyper12 DATS Hardware, P8000 Hardware
  • DATS Toolbox DATS Software
    DATS Toolbox
  • 8X12 P8000 Card
  • 8X08 P8000 Card
  • 8X24 P8000 Card
  • 8X40 P8000 Card


Major Automotive Research Organisation

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