The 8X40 card supports both simple monitoring, where messages are read and logged from the bus, and PID mode, where automatic PIDs can be requested under user control. CAN bus gives the flexibility of access to the tens or hundreds of parameters that are already present on an automotive vehicle or even modern aircraft communication bus.

The 8X40 card supports two separate independent CAN Bus inputs for dual system monitoring and capture.

GPS option is available so that position, velocity or accurate wall clock time can be recorded with the data. Further there are GPS options that have different specification depending on the customer’s requirements.


Description CAN, GPS
Link interface ISO 11898
Bus rates 250kHz, 500kHz, 1MHz
Operating modes Passive – log all traffic

Active – request PID etc.

Power usage (worst case) 1.3W
CAN Bus inputs 2
GPS Option 1
Receiver type 50 channels, GPS L1
Update rate 10Hz
Velocity accuracy 0.1 m/sec
Position accuracy 2.5m
Time accuracy 30ns RMS
GPS Option 2
Receiver type GPS L1
Update rate 20Hz
Velocity accuracy 0.03 m/sec
Position accuracy 1.8m
Time accuracy 20ns RMS


  • CAN-bus input
  • Passive and active CAN modes
  • Time stamping: time or sample number
  • GPS Data
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