8ch ADC+Tacho, Direct, Bridge


This card has the main features of the 8412 and includes bridge completion and transducer excitation. Each channel provides bridge completion configurations of ¼, ½ and full bridge, internal calibration shunt resistors and selectable bridge resistance of 120, 350 or 1000Ω. The 8X14 has a slightly lower specification than the 8X04, but provides twice the channel density. This allows a DATS-tetrad chassis to support up to 32 analog channels and two tacho channels. The flexible mutlipole connector gives these systems manageable wiring and offers the option of fast connection external boxes if desired.

Description 8ch ADC + Tacho, Direct, Bridge
Input channels 8
Output channels n/a
16-bit sample rate * 100k
24-bit sample rate * 100k
Effective bandwidth 0.4 x sample rate
Anti-aliasing attenuation > 100dB
AC Coupling high pass filter 20db/dec -3dB at 0.3Hz or 1Hz
DC Input Yes
AC Input Yes
IEPE Input Yes
Charge Input No
Programmable excitation Yes
24-bit Dynamic range 102dB at 10Ks/s
24-bit Noise floor -120dB at 10Ks/s
16-bit Dynamic range 93dB
16-bit Noise floor 110dB
Non-linearity < 1 bit
Accuracy ±0.1% FSD
DC Offset control ±100% FS in 32768 steps
Tacho channels 1
Tacho input range ±28V
Supports TEDS Yes
Autozero Yes
Input range ±10mV to ±10V
Output range n/a
Gain Steps 4
Input common mode range ±10V
Absolute max input range ±24V
Prog bridge completion Yes
Connector Multipin
Power usage (worst case) 12W


  • 8 analog channels and 1 tacho input
  • DC, AC inputs & IEPE with TEDS
  • 100k samples/second/channel (24 bits)
  • Tacho input sampled at up to 800k samples/second/channel
  • Programmable excitation
  • Programmable ½, ¼, full bridge support
  • TEDS with connection detection
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