8ch ADC+Tacho, IEPE, Direct


This card is ideal for situations where higher sampling rates are not required, but high quality, repeatable, high resolution data captures are desired. Although the 8412 has a slightly lower specification than the 8402 it provides twice the channel density. This allows for example a DATS-tetrad to support a total of 32 analog channels with two tacho channels. This card is used primarily in situations where high channel counts are required.


Description 8ch ADC + Tacho, IEPE, Direct
Input channels 8
Output channels n/a
16-bit sample rate * 100k
24-bit sample rate * 100k
Effective bandwidth 0.4 x sample rate
Anti-aliasing attenuation > 100dB
AC Coupling high pass filter 20db/dec -3dB at 0.3Hz or 1Hz
DC Input Yes
AC Input Yes
IEPE Input Yes
Charge Input No
Programmable excitation No
24-bit Dynamic range 102dB at 10Ks/s
24-bit Noise floor -120dB at 10Ks/s
16-bit Dynamic range 93dB
16-bit Noise floor -110dB
Non-linearity < 1 bit
Accuracy ±0.1% FSD
DC Offset control ±100% FS in 32768 steps
Tacho channels 1
Tacho input range ±28V
Supports TEDS Yes
Autozero Yes
Input range ±10mV to ±10V
Output range n/a
Gain Steps 4
Input common mode range ±10V
Absolute max input range ±24V
Prog bridge completion No
Connector 4xLemo flying lead to 2xBNC
Power usage (worst case) 6W


  • 8 analog channels and 1 tacho input
  • DC, AC and IEPE inputs
  • 100k samples/second/channel (24 bits)
  • Tacho input sampled at up to 800k samples/second/channel
  • IEPE with TEDS and connection detection
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