4ch ADC+Tacho, IEPE, Direct


The 8X02 is a flexible general purpose acquisition card, with built-in signal conditioning for almost any type of transducer. It has the capability of high sample rates and synchronous parallel sampling with an additional tachometer input. It also offers a choice of AC or DC coupling to direct voltage inputs and support for IEPE† transducers, including those with TEDS. Importantly has a large number of analogue amplifier steps to maximize resolution. Additionally, the 8X02 card has a dedicated tachometer channel. This card offers the flexibility of capturing data in 24-bit resolution or in 16-bit resolution. When working in the frequency domain or the order domain this card is the natural choice.


Description 4ch ADC + Tacho, IEPE, Direct
Input channels 4
Output channels n/a
16-bit sample rate * 400k
24-bit sample rate * 100k
Effective bandwidth 0.4 x sample rate
Anti-aliasing attenuation > 100dB
AC Coupling high pass filter 20db/dec -3dB at 0.3Hz or 1Hz
DC Input Yes
AC Input Yes
IEPE Input Yes
Charge Input No
Programmable excitation No
24-bit Dynamic range 105dB at 10Ks/s
24-bit Noise floor -120dB at 10Ks/s
16-bit Dynamic range 92dB at 10Ks/s
16-bit Noise floor -110dB at 10Ks/s
Non-linearity < 1 bit
Accuracy ±0.1% FSD
DC Offset control ±50% FS in 32768 steps
Tacho channels 1
Tacho input range ±28V
Supports TEDS Yes
Autozero Yes
Input range ±10mV to ±10V
Output range n/a
Gain Steps 13
Input common mode range ±10V
Absolute max input range ±24V
Prog bridge completion No
Connector BNC
Power usage (worst case) 6W


  • 4 analog channels and 1 tacho input
  • DC, AC and IEPE inputs
  • 400k samples/second/channel
  • Tacho input sampled at up to 800k samples/second/channel
  • TEDS with connection detection
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