Prosig – P8000 – Noise & Vibration Measurement Systems

The Previous Generation

The current range of Prosig’s DATS noise & vibration measurement systems consists of the DATS-solo, DATS-tetrad, and DATS-hyper12. The previous generation of P8000 data acquisition systems are still supported and details can be found via the links below for reference purposes…

  • P8004

    The Prosig P8004 is an ultra portable, high quality, 24-bit data acquisition system. It is ideal for small scale noise & vibration measurement projects. Don’t need many channels? Want to start small and upgrade later? Under tight budget constraints? Then the P8004 is the obvious choice!

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  • P8012

    The P8012 is a mobile, rugged 24-bit data acquisition system. It supports up to 24 high speed analog inputs plus two digital tachos. Or can be configured with a range of other input/output channels.

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  • P8020

    The P8020 is a mobile, rugged 24-bit data acquisition system. The P8020 can be configured with up to 5 I/O cards. P8020 units can be stacked to expand the system up to 120 channels.

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    Prolog is a controller that can replace your laptop or PC to allow remote, unattended or standalone operation of a P8000 system. A PROLOG unit can control one or more P8000 systems.

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